Nanochemical Concepts for a Sustainable Energy Supply

What is EnerChem?

EnerChem is a research association, initiated by five Max Planck institutes. The aim is to combine the chemical expertise and capacities of these institutes to generate solutions to the emerging problems of energy supply, storage and saving with the focus on nanostructured carbon materials.

The world energy consumption is at present based nearly to 90% on fossil sources of energy (coal, oil, natural gas). Three quarters of the world‘s energy production are used only by one quarter of the world‘s population, the industrial nations. Bearing the energy needs of emerging markets in mind, the fossil resources will be exhausted before long. A simple improvement of current know-how is no longer adequate for future-oriented power supplies. With the establishment of the research initiative „nano-chemical concepts of lasting power supplies – EnerChem“, a scientific basis for new mobile energy storage and more effective methods of energy production was founded.

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